Breeding and sale of specific-pathogen-free (SPF) mice and rats

Rodents bred under BSL2 conditions: independent housing and bio-contention, HEPA filtered air. Perfect for basic and pharmacological research.

Genetically identical

HEPA-filtered air

Safe delivery countrywide

In accordance with national and international regulations.

Our Animal Facility

Our facility has been designed with level 2 biosafety in mind. We have high efficiency ventilation, HEPA filtered individual cages. We specialize in SPF animals and animal models of disease. Our facilities and animals are prefectly suited for basic and pharmacological research.

We fulfill all the requirements of NOM-062-ZOO-1999 and we are currently in the process of certifying ourselves with SENASICA-01-049-C

Syngeneic lines

Outbred animal populations such as animals destined to be pets, are difficult to work with because they often produce results which are not reproducible.

At Tetrarium we offer:

Syngeneic mice:

BALB/c                                                      C57BL/6

Stock rats:                                                  Wistar


Experimental models with live animals are very sensitive to the environment and their general handling.

We always make certain that your animals arrive at your lab under the best possible conditions. Still your animals should undergo a period of acclimatization, we recommend at least one week, once the reach your lab.

Big discoveries depend on the details.

Great ideas can change the world. From basic research, through the description of metabolic pathways all the way to modern biomedical and cancer research one of the most important aspects is to aim for the best starting conditions. Our rodents provide you with a solid standing platform from which you can start your path towards the next big thing.